Insure Martial Art Success

Insure Martial Art Success

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Every martial art practitioner should carefully consider the possibility of injury as a result of training. While safety is always a concern, both for students and instructors, accidents do happen. Even if you train infrequently, at some point fatigue, over-training, faulty equipment, inexperienced partners, and just plain bad luck all take a toll. When it happens, and it will, it’s extremely important that every student have adequate health insurance.

While not all injuries are serious enough for professional care, there may come a time when x-rays, surgery, dental repair or ambulatory transportation are needed. All of these procedures are expensive even if surgery, a hospital stay or physical therapy are not needed for recovery. Remember, the best way to reduce any interruption to your martial art training is to receive proper professional care at the time of the injury. Don’t let the cost of treatment get in the way. Find a health insurance policy that won’t exclude claims resulting from your martial art or any pre-existing injuries.

If you don’t have coverage now, be sure to speak to an insurance agent soon before injury does occur. Many policies have a brief period of time before they begin to take effect, and may require a physical exam. Find an insurance company with a comprehensive set of health policies like Aviva to make certain you have the proper coverage.

The good news is that statistically, students of the martial arts incur fewer serious injuries than participants in other sporting activities like tennis or golf. Additionally the health benefits of regular training including improved strength, cardio and flexibility will speed recovery if and when an injury does occur.

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